Suiting up for Sadies


Gizelle Salsa, Contributor

The annual Sadie Hawkins dance will take place on Friday, February 24th.  

 With the night approaching, the tradition of this dance where the women take the lead is still set in place. Whereas homecoming and prom typically have the males ask their girl of choice, this dance originated from Sadie Hawkins day when unmarried women got to scope out their potential husbands.  

“I am asking my boyfriend with stuff from his favorite band, The Neighbourhood,” said Junior, Chloe Ailes. “I feel like it’s a cute way to show that girls can be the ones to ask guys to big things unlike how the standards are usually set.”  

 However, the most exciting component of this dance may be the theme, a masquerade ball.  This adds a twist to the usual attire expected at a school dance. The night will consist of dancing and music, but also the suspenseful component of students hiding behind a mask of choice. 

“I cannot wait to go to Sadies and match a mask with my girlfriend, I love the idea of girls getting a chance to ask the guy because I asked her to homecoming earlier this year,” said Junior Zach Sims. “Also, I’m excited that we get another dance this year, because homecoming is something that I always look forward to during school.” 

Although Sadie Hawkins doesn’t get as much recognition as Homecoming, the senior high student council highly encourages attendance to this night of fun and participation in the spirit week themes the week of the dance. Tickets begin going on sale during all lunch periods on February 15-24. 

“People should attend Sadie’s because of the new DJ company that Seneca’s student council hired,” said Student Council member Johnny Hricko. “Fireside Events presented us [student council] with major upgrades to the dance floor experience, such as TVs surrounding the floor to keep everyone engaged using lyrics and lighting that enhances the theme of Masquerade Ball.”