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13 Halloween Movies You Should Watch This October

  1. Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey (2023)

Starting off the list with a movie that definitely isn’t winning any awards. “Blood and Honey” is a 2023 film with an abysmal 2.9/10 on Rotten Tomatoes. However, part of the holiday is enjoying the plethora of subpar movies the genre has to offer. Thankfully, there’s no shortage there. “Blood and Honey” combines the armature direction and picture of a student made film with the famous IP of the Winnie the Pooh brand, and creates a movie viewing experience like no other. It’s so bad that it’s good. and will provide one of the most fun hate-watching experiences you could ever imagine.

  1. The Addams Family (1991)

Ever since November of 2022, the “Wednesday” show has been taking the internet by storm. Now, as Halloween approaches, it’s just as good a time as any to rewatch the fan-favorite series. However, Wednesday is just one of the four characters that make up the popular Addams Family. If you wanted a chance to get a proper look at the family dynamics and wacky misadventures of the whole family, the 1991 film about the titular characters is the way to go. The classic was the charm of 1990s horror, but still connects with people of all ages. Anyone from 4 years old to 84 years old will find something to love about this movie.

  1. The Blaire Witch Project (1999)

“The Blaire Witch Project” is a movie that really launched the found footage genre and brought it the fame it has today. Films like “Paranormal Activity,” “Megan is Missing,” and “Cloverfield” all have this movie to thank for this choice of direction. “The Blaire Witch Project” is a relatively short movie, serving as a great introduction into the genre for people of any age. Now almost 25 years old, it’s fun to go back and look at all the memes that this movie has spawned, such as the argument over the map, and standing away from the camera in the corner of a room. A classic that deserves its spot on your watchlist.

  1. IT (2017)

Stephen King is one of the most popular authors of all time and is a king of the horror genre. With a shocking amount of movie adaptations, he rightfully deserves at least one spot on this list. “IT” as a brand is very recognizable in modern society, in thanks to images like Pennywise the clown, the infamous red balloon, and clowns creeping around through the sewers. Although not as good as the book it’s based on, “IT” (and “IT Chapter 2”) offers an unsettling look at the childhood bonds and fears, all written by Stephen King himself. If you enjoyed the killer clown trend from a few years ago, or just want a creepy film to watch this October, this movie is a must-see.

  1. The Sixth Sense (1999)

“The Sixth Sense” combines childhood trauma, phobias, and some ghosts for good measure in a film like no other.  While not being downright scary, it offers a look at what might actually happen if you had the ability to talk to ghosts, and the things that go bump in the night. The film builds a bond between Cole, the little boy, and Malcolm, his psychologist (played by Bruce Willis) in the most convincing way, and feels so grounded and convincing the whole time, all while tackling communication with ghosts. All this, coupled with a twist ending, make a great film that’s worthy of a spot on your watchlist.

  1. The Shining (1980)

Another entry from Stephen King’s portfolio. “The Shining” is an absolutely chilling movie that takes a look at insanity. With an all-time performance by Jack Nickelson, the movie really does feel like a slow burn, as we watch this man inching closer and closer towards a nervous breakdown. Even though it’s from 1980, it doesn’t feel dated. The age works in the film’s favor, lacking any fancy tricks or techniques seen in more modern works that would undercut the slow buildup towards the climax. Another great film that needs to be seen for the Halloween season.

  1. Beetlejuice (1988)

“Beetlejuice” is a wacky, creative, unapologetically original movie that practically demands your attention. Regardless of merit, “Beetlejuice” is an experience like no other. It’s fun, it’s silly, it’s self-aware, and features a stellar cast. While not scary by any means, “Beetlejuice” is a necessity on your Halloween list, and a rite of passage for every October.

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Is it a Halloween movie? Is it a Christmas movie? Yes. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a stop-motion fantasy film that daring and holds nothing back in terms of creativity. Directed by legend director, Tim Burton, the film is a staple of the Claymation genre, as well as the fantasy genre. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” takes full advantage of being Claymation, and the characters and sets all come off as insanely detailed and perfect for the film. The different worlds feel so distinct and memorable and couldn’t be more different from one another. Although for kids, a nice little music number about ways to kill Santa Claus really does add something. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” a great film to watch with your whole family this Halloween (and Christmas) season.

  1. American Psycho (2000)

“American Psycho” is a hilarious and psychological social commentary on class disparity and those who work on Wall Street. Christian Bale plays Patrick Bateman, an uppity investment banker who kills a few people along the way. Bale brings life to the performance, and it is impossible to see anyone else in the role. So many quotable scenes and lines spawned from this film, and that’s all thanks to Bale for pulling it off perfectly. While not scary, the movie is a psychological horror, and definitely delves into some intense imagery throughout the film. An iconic twist ending really helps reinforce the psychological aspects of the movie. Regardless, it is a fantastic watch, and deserves your full attention.

  1. Silence of the Lambs (1991)

“Silence of the Lambs” is a psychological thriller about a young detective turning to a convicted serial killer for help to stop a murderer on the loose. The film features a bone-chilling performance by Anthony Hopkins, who steals the show as Hannibal Lector. His performance was so iconic, three more movies were made, focused around him as a lead. There also was the fittingly named show “Hannibal,” which ran for 3 seasons. “Silence of the Lambs” is not a horror movie, but it does have some spine-chilling moments that horror movies only wish they could accomplish. Instead of horror in terms of mystical intrigue and jump scares, this movie walks the fine line for just being creepy and off-putting. A great movie that you should definitely consider this October.

  1. Coraline (2009)

“Coraline” is the second Claymation movie on this list, and a fantastic Halloween movie that deserves all your attention. “Coraline” follows the titular character as she finds a wormhole from her world to one eerily similar. Everything appears great, but things take a horrific turn. Although technically for kids, “Coraline” is great because it doesn’t talk down to you. Regardless of age, you’ll feel suspense and intrigue, and a deep interest that never fades throughout the entire runtime. Bursting at the seems with creativity and charm, “Coraline” is a great movie regardless of season, but especially during Halloween.

  1. Hereditary (2018)

“Hereditary” is one of the greatest movies from studio A24, known for its brutal entries into the horror genre. “Hereditary” holds absolutely nothing back. From the very beginning, you’re constantly hit with brutal scenes that feel like a punch to the stomach. As you progress, the movie really does lean into the creepiness. The whole movie feels so dower and disconsolate, and the final portion of the movie really does start to earn the title of a horror movie. An amazing film that will definitely earn itself the title of being a classic, and one of the best movies you could possibly watch this Halloween.

  1. The Exorcist (1973)

“The Exorcist” is seemingly unanimously considered to be one of the scariest movies of all time. That statement is incorrect. If you watch “The Exorcist,” don’t expect to be scared throughout. It’s creepy. It’s sometimes disturbing. But scary is an overstatement for sure. This isn’t a bad thing though. “The Exorcist,” now over 50 years old, still holds up. The quality is fantastic, for one. Linda Blair, who plays the main child Regan, puts on an absolute show. Her acting is just as good, if not better, than the adults she’s pit up against. “The Exorcist” has an intriguing plot that keeps you hooked throughout, and really is a quintessential Halloween movie. If there’s any room in your schedule this Halloween, any of these 13 films, but “The Exorcist” especially, deserves to be seen. You’ll be fully embraced by the Halloween spirit and will have a great time throughout the viewings.

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