Fenty: Makeup or magic?


Kiara Carrasquilla, Contributor

The most difficult problem about finding makeup relate to the following questions: Is it reasonably priced? Will it conceal all my blemishes? Will I find my shade? Finally, there is a makeup brand that can fit all these criteria questions.

Never being able to find your perfect foundation shade is one of the most frustrating events a person can go through. Having that perfect highlight is a must when taking Instagram selfies, but where can someone find all this plus lip gloss and a ton more? Fenty Beauty by Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Rihanna is a musician who has had many top songs throughout the years. Now she has expanded her empire and gone into the makeup business. Fenty Beauty is a brand with 40 shades of foundation, lip gloss, contour, glow sticks, brushes, blotting paper and powder, eyeshadows, and eyeliners all at a reasonable price. The website for this luxury is very manageable for even those who are not very good with technology. There are tutorial videos that include the makeup sold online.

Seneca Valley High School Senior/Makeup Guru, Nivya Patel, has recently been using Fenty Beauty on her clients that she did homecoming makeup for. “The coverage is amazing, the brand is very diverse, and it goes on flawlessly,” Patel said about the foundation.

There is no reason to why everyone should not be buying Fenty Beauty.

Seneca Valley High School Seniors Madison McDonough and Emily Devlin both said, “The makeup brand is great.” Junior Hannah Alexander agreed, saying, “Yeah its cool that she made it for people to find the shade that actually fits them.”

It is not difficult to fall in love with this makeup brand because there are so many things going on. Fenty Beauty is definitely a cosmetics line to keep a watch on.